The Metahqua 18 Hole Disc Golf Course was created in 2024 to draw more visitors to this remote park. An estimated 4,000,000 people play regularly around the world and Ohio is ranked as the 7th best disc golf state in the United States. After a year of planning, Metahqua is now the home of 18 beautiful, technical holes that wind through the forests and fields. To help celebrate Metahqua as a tree haven, each tee sign incorporates native Ohio tree illustrations and information to offer an educational experience. Since installment, visitor numbers are on the rise and the word is spreading about the beauty and remote wilderness Metahqua offers.

By design, hikers and players rarely come in contact. The 234 acre property provides ample room for everyone to enjoy themselves peacefully and with minimal disruption. A fund-raising tournament was held in Oct. 2023 and is expected to become a yearly event structured to bring tourism to the community as it grows.

We would like to thank Ross County Residents & local non-profit group, Project Bad Apple for supporting this project. Please help us show our gratitude by keeping the park clean and respecting all wildlife.


Disc Golf Events

July 2024

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Metahqua Disc Golf Course

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