"Metahqua" is the Shawnee word for "tree", and was so named by the donor the 234 acres-Elizabeth Kitchen. The property was historically used for agriculture and is now composed of upland hardwood forest, tall grass fields in the floodplain of Little Walnut Creek, a large pond, and a newly constructed wetland.

Ms. Kitchen’s love for nature is apparent as you walk the land and see the care that was taken to
ensure a variety of habitat for wildlife. Signs of mink, muskrat, and beaver can be observed on the banks
of Little Walnut Creek, and the tall grass fields are ‘singing’ grounds for woodcocks. Bobcats have been
photographed here in recent years, and 141 species of birds have been recorded thus
far. Walking trails are maintained in the grassy fields near the parking area, and the Picnic trail
leads to the pond observation area. Becky’s Pond is considered by some to be the most scenic pond in the county when the autumn leaves are showing their colors.


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May 2024

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